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United Cooperative
Oshkosh, WI

New Grain Storage

(3) GSI 4032, 34 ring,135' diameter corrugated steel tanks with a capacity of 1.2 Million Bushels each.

(1)Chief Agri, 135,000-bushel wet storage tank.

Receiving and Material Handling

(2) 1,135-bushel receiving pits

(2) 20,000-bph Warrior Grain Legs for receiving

(1) 10,000-bph Warrior Grain Leg, to fill dryer.

(4) 20,000-bph Warrior Drag Conveyors for receiving.

(4) 20,000-bph Warrior Enclosed Belt Conveyors, for filling and unloading the bins.


Schlagel 8-hole, Triple Swingset Ceramic Lined Distributor


Zimmerman 7,000-bph natural gas-fired tower dryer.


Magik Kleener 20,000-bph ceramic lined gravity screener.

Rail Loadout

Warrior 40,000-bph Bulk Weigh Scale

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